ShootKL : Speakers

Urs Recher (Switzerland)
Urs Recher is the head Photographer and Consultant at Bron Elektronik AG, Switzerland. He had been with the company since 1998 and plays a major role in Broncolor’s product development. An expert in light shaping, Urs is the author of “Lighting Architecture” and is famous for his educational videos from Broncolor. Urs is a very experienced instructor and has spent the past few decades educating students all over the world on lighting fundamentals and composition.

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Sails Chong (China)
Sails Chong is China’s top wedding photographer and a Hasselblad ambassador. Coming from an academic background of Japanese Studies and Fine Arts, he is famous for his wedding vogue photography where he creates surrealistic imagery of the modern bride set against backdrop of visually stunning Chinese aesthetics or breathtaking landscape.  

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Awamu Moja (Luxembourg)
Based in Luxembourg, MOJA is is an outgoing and passionate fashion and beauty photographer who is fluent in many languages: including native African languages, Italian, French, English, and Luxembourgish due to his exposure to diverse communities while growing up.  These cross cultural experiences have a great impact on his artistic pursuit in photography.

“...I always hope that the stories behind fashion and culture can be conveyed in my photos with very contrasting cross-cultural symbols.” says MOJA.

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Eric Dinardi (Indonesia)
Eric is a commercial photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia who is passionate about his craft. He is also a Creative Lighting Class Instructor at PiArt School in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

“13 years of doing photography commercially, I find that photography is definitely my way of life. Photography gives lots of knowledge to see life from many different aspects.
Doing commercial photography makes us learn how to create sharp & brief visual language between audience and the essence of the product. One image to communicate all the stories. I believe, photography is one form of a lifetime process in learning how to see our world, learning how to communicate visually, and the best form of gratitude to life. Image composition, story telling, seeing-the-light are continuously developed through experience. My favorite genres of photography are product, architecture, and commercial photography. In every project, image quality is one of the most important thing.
Sharp, perfect exposure, and high quality images are standards to present the photo to clients.” 

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Tengku Azri (Malaysia)
Tengku Azri is an award winning Portrait and Wedding Photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Known more famously as “T.A” , he is Founder and Art Director of Dloven Group. T.A has won awards from international competitions such as Wedding Portrait Photography International (WPPI) & Professional Photographer Asia Community (PPAC).  Charismatic and highly motivated, T.A is also a Fujifilm X-Photographer for Malaysia and has conducted photography workshops both locally and abroad. 

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Mezame (Singapore) 
Based in Singapore, Mezame is a Cinematic Photography Director who combines fantasy and reality to tell a story through photography and digital composites.  A specialist in Capture One, Mezame is a clear, concise and articulate educator who is constantly exploring new inspirations and ways to teach photography.  He has conducted many well-received photography and digital imaging workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  

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